OC Bus Tracker is a mobile web app that allows Ottawa transit goers to view accurate arrival times based on onboard bus GPS coordinates and leverages the City of Ottawa's Next Bus Arrival Data Feed.

OC Bus Tracker's success is routed in 4 basic principles:

Free is good

OC Bus Tracker is available free to the community

Work on any device

Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Desktop ++

No Download Required

Full functionality without the need to install anything

Design for the user

A fluid design makes for a more enjoyable user experience

What users are saying

Since it's launch on March 27th, 2012 the response from the community has been nothing short of amazing. We've received hundreds of emails letting us know how they use the app and also suggestions on how to improve it. We committed to responding to every email we've received (if we inadvertently missed you please - Contact Us) and all suggestions were evaluated with many being incorporated into the new version you see now.

Below are a few examples of the kind words from OC Bus Tracker users:

"Love your app - so much better than the OC Transpo one. Thanks!"

"Just wanted to say I've been using this app/site (www.OCBusTracker.com) ever since it was mentioned on Reddit. It's been a load of help with getting to bus stops on time and I much prefer it to the official OC bus tracker app. Keep up the great work! Again, I use this everyday so thank you!"

"Great web app, I especially appreciate being able to see where the bus is on the map."

"I have been using the OC text message solution as well, and I find OC Bus Tracker more reliable and more accurate."

"[my son] has significant learning disabilities but with a bit of practice, he has learned how to use your app and it’s invaluable in getting him around town. I suspect he’s quite the show-off telling other folks their wait times."

What's next?

First up - we're going to try and put the word out a little more about this free service for Ottawantonians'. OC Bus Tracker does get used a lot but we think there are still many who haven't heard about it that may benefit from it.

Next, OC Bus Tracker is going global!...sort of. What started off as a simple web app for Ottawa residents has been rebuilt to adapt to a multitude of open data formats including real-time open data transit information for Winnipeg, Toronto, Laval, Boston and San Francisco. We plan on launching OCBusTracker across these other cities early in the New Year. Stay tuned!